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June 12: First day of Shavuot (Judaism, 2024); Dia dos Namorados in Brazil; Loving Day in the United States (1967)

Reagan speaking at the Brandenburg Gate
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An anon editor added under the births section:

I did a Google search and came up with nobody that I could see worthy of a wikipedia entry of this name, and a search for '"Chris Lott" actor' returns all of 6 hits, none of them about actors called Chris Lott. So I've removed him. --Camembert

The 1667 entry on Jean Baptiste is incomplete, at least for the name: Jean Baptiste Denis, and there were a series of transfusions. Thus the entry for the transfusion for a 15 year old boy is incomplete right now.Ancheta Wis 02:57, 14 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Napoleon's invasion to Russia is both entried on June 12 and June 24. --PuzzletChung

Probably the first is Julian calendar and the second is Gregorian calendar.

Chris Hughes (previously listed under births as "1988 - Christopher Hughes, random Welsh guy" doesn't appear to be the same person from the Wikipedia article. Removed from list pending conformation. –Dvandersluis 15:26, 7 July 2006 (UTC)[reply]



Could not be confirmed at this date outside of 'this day in history'-type webpages and Wikipedia mirrors. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Moved to June 15:

Nope - was on June 15. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Moved to June 24:

Nope - was on June 24. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Moved to July 4:

Nope - was on July 4. --07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)


  • 1839 - Abner Doubleday creates the game of baseball, according to legend. However, evidence has surfaced that indicates that the game of baseball was played before 1800.
Yes the legend does say that but I could not confirm the exact day. One website says that the Baseball Hall of Fame was dedicated on June 12, 1939 to mark the 100th anniversary of the "invention" but that organization's website says nothing of that. [1] --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Moved to June 14:

Nope - was on June 14. --mav

Moved to June 8:

Nope - he incorporated the name 'Universal Pictures' on June 8. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)


It was in 1926, probably in June, but I could not pin down an exact date. Some sites say that Brazil gave notice on the 14th. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)


Some sources give a June 5th date, others a June 15th one, lots of unreliable ones (copies of this article and other 'this day in history' pages) say it was on the 12th. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Moved to June 11:

The most famous person to have died in this part of the Great Purge was Mikhail Tukhachevsky and he died the day before. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)


It did happen in June, but I could not pin down an exact date. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Moved to June 11:

Nope - was the day before. --mav 07:47, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)


"POWs found" is content-free, and the link to Stalag Luft IV has no relation to June 12.

Lisbon Treaty[edit]

On June 13 I added "2008 - Ireland rejects the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum, thus putting into question the reform programme of the European Union." This is because it has global significance, and should be included under the WP:DOY Important verdicts and court decisions guideline.

However, it was removed in favour of "2008 - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, a hit game by Konami, releases." I have undone the edit, and reinstated the Lisbon treaty, as according to the WP:DOY page it should not be included (Dates that pertain to television programs, movies, books, video games, etc. - this is not notable on a global scale (exceptions include the breaking of world records for sales, etc.))

Nacbrie (talk) 14:00, 15 June 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Iranian 2009 Presidential Elections[edit]

Why was this removed? This was a major step toward democracy not only for the people of Iran but also for the world stability. The event caught major media coverage for months on CNN, FOX and BBC. The events that followed include worldwide demonstrations against the Iranian governrment which is notable. These networks still cover the event on it's aniversary. For your information look at CNN cover here which contains this article. United States president and other notable world figures have also expressed concern for the events that followed this event. Examples are here and here. This event is not less important than "1997 – Queen Elizabeth II reopens the Globe Theatre in London" or than "1993 – An election takes place in Nigeria which and is later annulled by the military Government led by Ibrahim Babangida." for many around the globe, inside Iran and outside Iran. (talk) Anonymous User, June 12, 2010 7:23 AM EST.

Generally elections are not notable unless they lead to some concrete and radical change in government (democracy to communism, etc.) or if they occur in a manner that is not a normal process (successful coup, etc.). On the surface, this appears to be a normal election, but I can see where it would be seen as a little out of the ordinary. But we're talking about Iran. Does the world really expect true democratic process to be upheld? I don't really think so. Also, the statement that "some believed the results were rigged" threw up a big red flag. That's too weasely for this type of entry. It suggests POV and undermines the credibility of the entry. -- Mufka (u) (t) (c) 11:39, 12 June 2010 (UTC)[reply]

The election results led to massive protests around the globe, not just Iran. I don't see any other way to explain it. Some believed it was rigged. It is a true statement. You can add while the government of Iran didn't. 3 million people marched in the streets and there were riots. Here are the pictures. (Look for Picture 12 for better clarity). If this was a regular election, not just to Iranian standards but to any other countries standards, and things like this happened every election term, that country would cease to be unified. This is a unique event in a 30 year old Islamic Republic history. If this is not a major event, I don't see how anything else is. Some meteorite hits New Zealand, how is that a major event? Or the hostage crisis in Brazil, how is that major? Thousands of people were arrested and many were killed. Refer to Wikipedia Article for more information. Additionally, some believed it was an undeclared coup (I don't have source right now, but it's around). (talk) Anonymous User, June 12,2010, 7:51 AM (EST)

Perhaps the entry could be simplified to state that there was a controversial Iranian presidential election that led to worldwide protest. Anything that isn't mentioned in the article can't be included. Maybe someone else will comment to help out on this. I can't comment again until tomorrow. There is certainly no hurry on this. -- Mufka (u) (t) (c) 12:07, 12 June 2010 (UTC)[reply]

How about the statement: " The controversial Iranian 2009 Presidential Election took place. It's aftermath was large scale protests in Iran and around the globe.. (talk) Anonymous June 12th, 2010, 8:25 AM (EST).

When good faith discussion is underway, it is bad form to add content while it is still under discussion. But I guess my statement that there was no hurry on this fell on deaf ears. I'll adjust the current statement to meet WP:DAYS. Any concern should be brought back here. -- Mufka (u) (t) (c) 20:28, 13 June 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Ottoman Conquest of Sudan / Badi VII.[edit]

quote: "1821 - Badi VII, king of Sennar, surrenders his throne and realm to Isma'il Pasha, general of the Ottoman Empire, ending the existence of that Sudanese kingdom."

I wonder, how could Isma'il Pasha (link to thom is given in the text), lead his army to Sudan in 1821, when he was born in 1830??? Did the Ottomans have knowledge of time machine? Correction is needed, and thinking twice before writing something. 2A02:AB04:2D4:8C00:CC8C:C02B:88DC:7B3A (talk) 10:09, 12 June 2023 (UTC)[reply]