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Wu may refer to:

States and regions on modern China's territory[edit]

  • Wu (state) (Chinese: ; pinyin: ; Old Chinese: *ŋʷˤa), a kingdom during the Spring and Autumn Period 771–476 BC
    • Suzhou or Wu (苏州; 蘇州; Sūzhōu), its eponymous capital
    • Wu County (吴县; 吳縣; Wúxiàn), a former county in Suzhou
  • Eastern Wu (东吴; 東吳; Dōng Wú) or Sun Wu (孙吴; 孫吳; Sūn Wú), one of the Three Kingdoms in AD 184/220–280
  • Li Zitong (吳帝, died 622), who declared a brief Wu Dynasty during the Sui–Tang interregnum in AD 619–620
  • Wu (Ten Kingdoms) (杨吴; 楊吳; Yáng Wú), one of the ten kingdoms during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period AD 907–960
  • Wuyue (吴越; 吳越; Wúyuè), another of the ten kingdoms during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period AD 907–960
  • Wu (region) (; ), a region roughly corresponding to the territory of Wuyue
    • Wu Chinese (吴语; 吳語), a subgroup of Chinese languages now spoken in the Wu region
    • Wuyue culture (吳越文化), a regional Chinese culture in the Wu region




  • Wu (awareness), a concept of awareness, consciousness or enlightenment in the Chinese folk religion
  • Wú (negative), Zhaozhou's response to the question: "Does a dog have the Buddha-nature?"
  • Wu (shaman), shaman in Chinese folk religion


  • "Doctor Wu", a song on the 1975 album Katy Lied by the band Steely Dan
  • Mr. Wu (1919 film), a 1919 British drama film based on the 1913 play
  • Mr. Wu, a 1927 American silent movie starring Lon Chaney
  • Mr. Wu, a 1913 play by Maurice Vernon and Harold Owen
  • Mr. Wu, a character referred to in several songs of the 1930s and 1940s by George Formby
  • Mr. Wu, a character from the HBO TV series Deadwood.
  • Sensei Wu, a character in the animated TV series Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
  • Sgt. Wu, a character from the TV series Grimm

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