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Years in sports

1999 in sports

1999 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

Alpine skiing[edit]

American football[edit]

Artistic gymnastics[edit]

Association football[edit]





Canadian football[edit]




Dogsled racing[edit]

Field hockey[edit]

  • Men's Champions Trophy: Australia
  • Women's Champions Trophy: Australia

Figure skating[edit]

Gaelic Athletic Association[edit]


Men's professional

Amateur – Graeme Storm

Women's professional


Harness racing[edit]

Horse racing[edit]


Flat races

Ice hockey[edit]


Mixed martial arts[edit]

The following is a list of major noteworthy MMA events during 1999 in chronological order.

Date Event Alternate Name/s Location Attendance PPV Buyrate Notes
January 8 UFC 18: The Road to the Heavyweight Title N/A United States New Orleans, Louisiana, US N/A N/A This event featured the American debut of Bas Rutten. Who previously fought exclusively for Pancrase in Japan.
March 5 UFC 19: Ultimate Young Guns N/A United States Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, US N/A N/A Following the main event, Tito Ortiz insulted the Lion's Den team. This led to a long rivalry between Ortiz and Ken Shamrock.
April 29 Pride 5 N/A Japan Nagoya, Japan N/A N/A First Pride FC event to be promoted by Dream Stage Entertainment, who took over Kakutougi Revolution Spirits.
May 7 UFC 20: Battle for the Gold N/A United States Birmingham, Alabama, US N/A N/A N/A
July 4 Pride 6 N/A Japan Yokohama, Japan N/A N/A Event featured seven MMA bouts and one karate bout between Hiroki Kurosawa and Nobuaki Kakuda.
July 16 UFC 21: Return of the Champions N/A United States Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US N/A N/A UFC rule change, Introduction of five-minute rounds. preliminary bouts consist of two rounds, non-title bouts consist of three rounds, and title bouts consist of five rounds. Introduction of 10-point must system.
September 12 Pride 7 N/A Japan Yokohama, Japan 10,031 N/A N/A
September 24 UFC 22: Only One Can be Champion N/A United States Lake Charles, Louisiana, US N/A N/A Following this event, UFC parent company SEG stopped releasing events on home video until UFC 30 with new owners Zuffa.
November 19 UFC 23: Ultimate Japan 2 N/A Japan Tokyo, Japan N/A N/A This event featured a four man "Japanese" tournament, held to crown the first ever UFC Japan Champion. The tournament was the first in the UFC since UFC 17, and the last ever tournament held by the UFC.
November 21 Pride 8 N/A Japan Tokyo, Japan N/A N/A N/A



Rugby league[edit]

Rugby union[edit]






  • Men's World League: Italy
  • Women's World Grand Prix: Russia
  • Men's European Championship: Italy
  • Women's European Championship: Russia

Water polo[edit]

  • Men's European Championship: Hungary
  • Men's World Cup: Hungary
  • Women's European Championship: Italy
  • Women's World Cup: Netherlands

Multi-sport events[edit]



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