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WikiProject Philippine LGUs[edit]

Wondering how to edit the article? The WikiProject Philippine LGUs could be of help. :)

Use of non-free images in "Adminstrative" section[edit]

All of the images of seals used in Tarlac#Administrative, except for File:SanJose,Tarlacjf3776 11.JPG, File:Tarlac City official seal.png and File:Ph seal tarlac.png, are non-free images and therefore their usage in the article must satisfy 10 criterion found at WP:NFCCP and they also must not be being used in any of the ways listed at WP:NFC#Unacceptable use. Since the current usage of these images, however, does not comply with the WP:NFC, I have removed them from the article per WP:NFCC#Enforcement for the following reasons:

  1. One of the 10 NFCCP criteria is WP:NFCC#10c which says "The name of each article (a link to each article is also recommended) in which fair use is claimed for the item, and a separate, specific non-free use rationale for each use of the item, as explained at Wikipedia:Non-free use rationale guideline. The rationale is presented in clear, plain language and is relevant to each use." The "separate" in this case mean a non-free use rationale needs to be provided for each use of the image; In other words, the same non-free use rationale cannot be used for multiple uses (or articles) like is being done in File:San Clemente Tarlac.png#Fair use rationale and as is also being done for each of the other non-free images.
  1. The second problem with the usage of these images is harder to fix than simply adding another non-free use rationale. WP:NFC#Non-free image use in list articles and WP:NFC#Non-free image use in galleries or tables say that the use of non-free images like this in tables, galleries and lists is generally not allowed. This is because WP:NFCC#8 requires that "contextual significance" be such that removing it from the article would be detrimental to the reader's understand of the subject matter. The way the images are being used in that article is mainly for decorative purposes. Each of the municipalities, etc. listed in the table has their own stand-alone Wikipedia article where the relevant seal is also being used and can be seen and each of these articles is wikilinked. The images themselves are not being discussed within the article, so there's no reason for them to be used a no information will be lost by removing. The fact that no image of the seal of Ramos is provided only reinforces that the use of the seals is purely decorative and something that is not really needed.

If these images were freely licensed, like the three exceptions mentioned above, then this would not be an issue and they could be used without problem. It may be possible to re-license some of these images as free, but as long as they are "non-free" they should not be used like this. - Marchjuly (talk) 05:04, 31 August 2015 (UTC)[reply]