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Roy Stephan Rosselló Diaz (born May 1, 1970) is a Puerto Rican pop and gospel[1] singer, businessman, and former member of the popular Latin American group, Menudo. Roy currently lives in Brazil, where he focused his musical career and built a family.

Through his membership in Menudo as well as his personal pursuits, he has participated in several television series and shows, such as The Love Boat, The Morning Show, Solid Gold, Good Morning America, and Soul Train, appearing in all the major networks, such as CBS, NBC, SBT and Fox, in addition to several international festivals and award ceremonies, such as the Tokyo Music Festival, where he won the Gold Award. In 1984, he was a presenter at the Grammys, handing the award to Michael Jackson for his smash album "E.T."

Early life[edit]

Roy Stephan Rosselló Díaz was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.[2] In his youth, Roy was a player for the Puerto Rican National Children's Soccer Team. At the age of 11, he enrolled in the country’s Free School of Music and by age 13 had started his career with Menudo, one of the greatest pop phenomena of all time.

Rosselló was a member of Menudo from August 1983 to January 1986 and debuted on the album A Todo Rock. He recorded a total of eight albums with the group. During his time, Menudo reached great popularity in Asia, more specifically in the Philippines and Japan. They had hits like "Indianápolis" and "Like A Cannonball," which was featured in the film Cannonball Run 2. It was also during his tenure in the Menudo lineup that the group scored their biggest hit in the United States, "Hold Me." Roy sang lead in the second version of "Ladron De Amor" and is seen prominently in the music video. He also sang lead in the song, "No Hay Reflexion" from the Grammy nominated album Evolucion. He also sang lead in the songs "Transformation" in English, "Alegra Esa Cara" in Spanish and "Alegra Essa Cara" in Portuguese. During concerts and TV appearances he sang lead in the songs "Gotta Get On Moving" (Spanish/English version), "Subete a Mi Moto", "Ghostbusters" and "One Night in Bangkok."

Menudo holds the Guinness record for largest audience in a concert, two hundred thousand people at Morumbi Stadium in São Paulo in 1984, while Rosselló was a member of the group.

He is the former brother-in-law of Puerto Rican actress Mara Croatto who was married to his brother, Juan, for a number of years. He is also the nephew of former Puerto Rican governor Pedro Rosselló and cousin of former Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rosselló.


At age 15, he left Menudo to pursue a solo career. He spent 1987 touring the United States, starred in a movie called Star of the Jungle, and was the host of Frente Jovem in 1986, a Brazilian TV show.

In 1986 he had a duet with Mara Maravilha with the song "Amigo E" and a solo song in 1988 called "Vai Dar Romance" in Portuguese.

In 1991, Roy Rossello studied TV production at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

More recently, through another TV show in Brazil, he met his long-lost daughter and decided to settle in the South American country. Roy fell in love with the people, the culture, the tropical weather and the hospitality he found in Brazil, his new home.

Since 2003, Roy has split his time between Puerto Rico and Brazil, spending more time in the latter country. When Roy is residing in the Caribbean, he works at his father's real estate company, Rossello Realty, selling million-dollar mansions.

Since 2006, Rosselló has run a Caribbean-themed bar in the city of Campinas, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, where he also owns a jewelry store, Roy Rossello Fine Jewelry.

Return to music[edit]

In 2009, Roy entered into the Brazilian music scene, when he formed a band of axé and Caribbean music.

In 2010, Roy Rossello teamed with Valeria Flor Cygana to launch a new CD, Parayzo. Produced by Victor Pozas and PH Castanheira, who have worked with many Latin stars, their first duet album brings a mixture of rhythms and styles. Rosselló wrote or co-wrote six of the songs, including "Recuerdos," "História de Amor," and "Pais do Samba e do Futebol," which describe his passions: women, Brazil, and of course, soccer. The album also features three songs by Miami-based Brazilian husband and wife team of César Lemos and Karla Aponte, who have worked with fellow former Menudos Ricky Martin and Robby Rosa, as well as Thalía: "Se Me Sube," "Me Agarra e Vem" and "De Onde Sou" (the last of which became a hit in Spanish performed by Thalia).[2]


  1. AMOR CIGANO - VENGA BAILAR (AMOR GITANO) (Alexandre Flores – Versão Roy Rosselló)
  2. SE ME SUBE (SOBE SOBE)(Cesar Lemos/ Karla Aponte)
  3. MENINO EU ARRIEI (Emerson Mozart)
  4. ME AGARRA E VEM (Cesar Lemos/ Karla Aponte)
  5. HISTÓRIA DE AMOR (Roy Rosselló/ Sapo)
  6. SE VOCÊ QUISER (Emerson Mozart)
  7. RECUERDOS (Roy Rosselló)
  8. ENTRE TOQUES E CARÍCIAS (Claudio Padilha/ Roy Rosselló)
  9. SÓ O AMOR (Betinho Muniz/ Claudio Padilha)
  10. TOQUES E DELÍRIOS (Claudio Padilha/ Roy Rosselló) Ed. Lumi Art
  11. REVANCHE (Dejobson Voxman)
  12. AMO DEMAIS (Dejobson Voxman)
  13. DE ONDE SOU (Cesar Lemos / Carla Aponte)
  14. PAÍS DO SAMBA E DO FUTEBOL (Roy Rosselló/ Sapo/ Gui Musselli)

A Fazenda[edit]

On September 14, 2014, Roy joined as a contestant on the famous Brazilian reality show A Fazenda 7 on TV Record.

On October 21, 2014, Rossello alleged on the show that he and Ricky Martin had been victims of sexual abuse from Edgardo Diaz while a member of Menudo.[3]

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