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Is this Amal the town of the film Fucking Amal?

Interlanguage links[edit]

I removed interlanguage links from the article to articles that cover the town of Åmål, not the municipality. They were later put back, with a notion that the article covers both the town and the municipality. Looking closer at the article, most of it is about the town and the municipality so I can understand the notion. The town is a part of the municipality, and for most people probably the most interesting part.

However, there is a problem with interlanguage links between non-synonymous concepts. When one wikipedia has an article on "Dogs" covering several dog breeds and another have ten articles on different dog breeds, you don't usually put interlanguage links between the article on the different breeds and the "dogs" article. IMO this is the same. An interlanguage link should be bidirectional - if it is present in one wikipedia and lacking in another, it is quite likely someone will put it in the other direction too. When the robots come in, I would'n be surprised if the dog example in then end created interwiki links between yorkshire terrier and poodle. I have myself created a nice mess in the interwikilinks for the two types of strawberries (wild & domestic) which in Swedish language are two different concepts rather than one.

If the interwiki bots saw <!-- invisible comments--> in the interwiki section, a solution would be to put double interwiki links in the article with the additional comment - but they don't. Maybe it would be better to separate the articles on the municipalities and the towns. Indeed, there is usually fairly little to write on the municipalities - dull administrative things as they are - but it would solve the interwiki problems. / Habj 16:04, 23 November 2005 (UTC)