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From Requested articles:

"Once an article has been written (that is, the link is live), please remove it from this page, unless it is just a stub or needs review -- in that case, you may wish to leave it here for a while."

-- I suggest we start a separate listing of Stubs and change the above to something along the lines of "when you create a stub, please remove it from Requested articles and add it to Stubs." Also add your new stub to the Stubs list when you create one of your own accord.

This will have the effect of providing a handy list of stubs that need work, and facilitate keeping Requested articles clean by making it easy to distinguish between an article that exists only as a stub and one that is well under way.

--, 28 September 2001

Makes sense to me, but wouldn't it be better to put the page on something more descriptive (precise), like stubs to expand or even stubs to expand already, for chrissakes? (That's a joke.) --LMS

I took the initiative to drive this forward a little. I propose that Wikipedians use Requested articles as a sort of home base for directed improvement of the 'pedia. See how I edited that page. <>< tbc

I deleted the topic listings so they don't trigger search results. --Alan Millar