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WikiProject Council
WikiProject iconThis redirect relates to the WikiProject Council, a collaborative effort regarding WikiProjects in general. If you would like to participate, please visit the project discussion page.

I've been thinking of videotaping the syllabus of Ballroom Dance steps I've learned so I can review steps I forget. But then I figured, why not put it online so the next guy doesn't have to do the same thing? Actually, Wikipedia got me started on the whole idea of putting them online - what better place for them? If I get motivated enough to do it, though, it might take some work on Larry/Jimbo's part to host them here and make them available through the wiki interface. Fantastic! By the way, Jason and Magnus are both working on uploading programs. I imagine they'll be ready pretty soon! --Larry

Presumed inactive. --Eequor 01:20, 8 Aug 2004 (UTC)

This page needs updating![edit]

Two items here should either be removed or updated:


User:Eequor has turned this page into a redirect to Wikipedia:WikiProjects. He did not move any of the content, because he was under the impression that all of these projects were dead. I know that was wrong on at least one count (Translation into English), and I am about to place that on the Wikipedia:WikiProjects. I believe others of these are also "live", and I recommend that people involved in those move them as well. -- Jmabel 04:10, Aug 9, 2004 (UTC)

Previously found here[edit]

  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Arab-Israeli conflict The articles in Wikipedia about the Arab-Israeli conflict are considered by many people to represent biased views. This project is dedicated to removing the bias out of the articles (and bring a little bit of order in the articles)
  • Translation into English Request translation of a foreign-language wikipedia article, or sign up to indicate that you are available as a translation resource.
  • Typo: Pick a commonly mispelled word, and correct it throughout Wikipedia, then record your good deed here.

Unorganized projects[edit]

  • Biographical Listing: An attempt to list, alphabetically, all biographical articles in Wikipedia. If you write an article about a person, please add that person's name to the appropriate section.
  • Historical anniversaries: A listing of notable births, deaths and events for every date. When writing an article, please link your dates and add items to that day where appropriate.
  • Year in Review: A listing of each year, decade and century with important events that occurred for each date. When writing your article, please link your years to that year where appropriate.