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I was Born in Lahijan at 1983,in a full iranian family.My city is located in north of Iran with mild weather and very beautiful nature. I admitted in Petroleum University of technology in the year university is in Ahvaz in the south-west of Iran, which has warm and humid weather,also my field is Petroleum Engineering (Drilling), which talks about the earth`s formation and drilling method and ways to reach petroleum faster and safer. I love Books and Movies.I`Ve got many idea from Books and Movies. Movies:mulholland Drive,Pulp Fiction,seven,Adaptation,Eternal sunshine of spotless mind,Eyes wide shut,Pianist and... Books:Goodbye Roman Garry,The Trial,Stranger,The Davinci Code,The Alchemist,Veronica decides to die,Zahir,1984,Animal Farm,Orlando,To the Lighthouse,Letter to child never born... In this huge world I love two things more than others: 1- My family 2- My city I am crazy about them,without one of them I`ll die.

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